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From copy machines to beauty routines this is what your mothers and grandmothers had to contend with. Aren't you glad times have changed?

You're Over 60? Do You Recognize These Wacky Products?

My mum used one of these until almost I loved to sit on the cellar steps and watch her run the sudsy clothes through the ringer. I even helped but got scared my hand would get caught in the ringer !


Manual Can Openers . these are not the easiest things to work with, and they leave VERY SHARP edges on the cans! I still use mine!

like if you remember

Vintage ad for chenille bedspreads. Wish chenille bedspreads were easy to find these days!

I remember eating these at the pool :)

Big Hunk Bar

buying Big Hunk candy bars at the E-burg city pool candy machine. For Jenn.

I remember the Milkman

Detroit Memories Newsletter: Vintage Detroit, Photo of a Twin Pines Milkman.we had our milk delivered while living in Detroit, our milkman's name was Harold.

1960's & 50's Memories from back in the day

A & W gotta love it driving up to the A drive in all the cousins in my uncles convertable loved the little tiny mugs for kids glasses were always cold and frosty best hamburgers ever !

My very favorite peeler!!

My very favorite peeler! But I will age myself and admit that a good knife works better if you grew up using them - still peel potatoes that way.

I think they were magnets that repelled against each other. Either that or they were magic.

Vintage Animated JUMPING BEANS Toys Original Box always amazed me what the hell is in there?

35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

Aluminum tumblers.  My grandma and all my great-aunts had these when I was growing up... such fond memories

aluminum drink tumblers - omgosh -- these were my dad's FAVORITE glasses for drinking cold milk :) I still have a small set of them that belonged to my dad. And yes, I use them for cold milk.

These kids would die lol

Payphone The Boy Scouts taught us to always carry a dime for an emergency phone call. how quaint that seems. But I guess almost 50 years ago is often quaint.