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Get the Arabic word for "thank you" as a thank you towards those who have done something towards you in your life. Maybe helping you, being there for you, hurting you, doing just about anything because without anyone doing what they did, you wouldn't be where you are today.

nice but Hello written there in arabic reads Marhabah (ahlan is another way to say hello, but not written that way) & Welcome as they wrote in Arabic reads Tarheeb

The only paper airplane you really need to know how to fold.

How to Make the Best Paper Airplane

The only paper airplane you really need to know how to fold. Easy craft project - fold up a paper airplane and decorate to make a really awesome jet.~Macie has been obsessed with paper airplanes lately

Arabic colours worksheets and flashcards amuslimhomeschool is creating a very nice arabic series for beginners.

a muslim homeschool: Arabic colours worksheets and craft activity!

Colorful Arabic letters with examples

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi is raising funds for Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards on Kickstarter! A Crafty Arab creates original products that are fun & colourful & is seeking funding to help print Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards!