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Dream’s Lane Photography

Augustin Leparmentier est un photographe parisien. Ayant grandit en Allemagne, en Belgique, puis en France, il se passionne pour la photographie alors que sa meilleure amie, elle même photographe, lui offre son premier reflex. « Dream’s lane est une série sur les rêves, celui de passer une porte d’une allée ou un couloir pour me retrouver ailleurs dans la nature. J’ai mélangé le paysage et l’architecture avec des photos uniquement prise par moi pour créer ces passages surnaturels...

Dream's lane par Augustin Leparmentier

perpetual calendar / Arina Pozdnyak (maybe make a calendar of landmarks of where i want to go - every month)

12 Inspirational Designs for Adding Text over Images

LOVE this calendar idea - a picture to represent each month. No year attached, so it can be used perpetually.

Skateboarding in Central Park in 1965, back when it was still completely new and pretty much unheard of.

Skateboarding in New York City as pictured by photographer Bill Eppridge in Pictures originally featured in Life Magazine on May 1965

Twofold Atmosphere ODDA No.5 Photographer: An Le Creative Director: David Martin Models: Noam Frost & Rose Smith

Twofold Atmosphere ODDA Photographer: An Le Creative Director: David Martin Models: Noam Frost & Rose Smith

#Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating” #art #inspiration

Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating


Jump Series by Victoire Le Tarnec

Draped in Yellow & Flowing Down the Steps

Beautiful Black and white fashion photo with a splash of orange for the dress provides nice contrast

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#PTCtips #PTCvids Photoshop Tip

How to Create The 3D Pop-Out Photo Effect In Photoshop (The Out of Bounds Effect)

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create the pop-out photo effect in Photoshop. This effect makes it seem as if an object, or person is popping out from a photo.


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Veronica || She was in her room after just being sent to it by her mom. Turns out the girl her dad was with was named Barbra. She wasn't killed,(thank god) just mildly injured. And suing. Assault. Fair enough, but still stressful. Veronica's mom had told her she was grounded till the end of time, which usually meant about three weeks or so.

When I was younger I believed I had the power to make things fly, you know like in the book Matilda. Now at it seems like I have finally mastered this skill.

Bubbles in Paris, 1963 Melvin Sokolsky: Sokolsky was a major figure in the revival of fashion photography from the 1960s. He was only 21 when he started working at Harper's Bazaar for which he produced the "Bubble" series of photographs depicting fashion models floating in giant clear plastic bubbles suspended in midair above the Seine river in Paris. Alongside his steady collaboration with Bazaar

Melvin Sokolsky: "Fashion in a Bubble"

This iconic Bubble series was created by fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky for the Harper’s Bazaar 1963 Spring Collection. Model Simone d’Aillencourt.