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1968 Ford Mustang Coupe. 289 motor. Starting the Breakdown. down to bare metal
1967 black Chevrolet Impala. Four-door & hardtop. It's seriously my dream car and if I had the funds to take care of one/restore it, I'd by the white one at this crappy used car place down the street.
My favorite song. It is the first song I play in a new car and anytime I am nervous and need to calm down, or just because.
This camper van conversion is one of the most impressive stories we've come across! Why? Because it's not just about an old van converted into a camper. It's also about a story of a young man who bravely stripped his good but ordinary way of life down to the basics and built the adventurous world he dreamed of living.
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Heartbreaking Tyrese Gibson breaks down over the death of Paul Walker... I'm feeling heartbroken over it as well and I didn't even know him personally.  I can only imagine what the people who  were close to him are feeling.  They're all in my thoughts and RIP Paul Walker wherever you are now.
This flashy pink 2015 Kia Optima LX instantly caught my attention! I than imagined myself driving along the Californian coastline with all the windows rolled down and Midnight City by M83 blasting on the radio.
{Sight Word Drag Racing} "There are few toys my boys love more than their Matchbox cars. I watched them eagerly race two cars at a time down their track, I was struck with an idea. With one simple twist, their playful competition would make a motivating and educational game. Sight Word Drag Racing was born."