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“Star Wars” opens at the Coronet … are you in these 1977 photos?

"Star Wars" Opening day, spring, 1977 - I went to this movie in the first week w/a friend from my theater group. We were all just blown away - & people not only applauded at the end, but stayed to read the credits! It was very groundbreaking for the time.

Gloria Hendry

Gloria Hendry, Bond girl in "Live & Let Die" First Bond film i saw at the 'pictures'.

TV from the 70's...no remote controls back then!

TV Show Songs

This, I believe, was a "portable" tv! I remember lugging this up to my room to watch Saturday morning cartoons and thinking it was such a treat!

Citizen Kane (1940)

Citizen Kane "ROSEBUD" the sled. I saw this movie on the big screen back in the mid at the Rosebud theater in Seattle. They use to play it once a year because of the name of their theater.

Harlem in the 1970s: Jack Garofalo (http://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=http%3A%2F%2Famazyble.com%2Fcreativity%2Fvivid-harlem-in-1970s%2F&t=MzA2MGJjNzRkOTFmYzFiYjEyZjYwYjM2YmEwMzU1NDZjZjQ1NTZmNSxxSXdmTlMyVA%3D%3D)

A group of young adults stand outside a local movie theater, July 1970 Photo credit: Jack Garofalo / Paris Match via Getty Images