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French battleship Jaureguiberry, commissioned in 1897. French designers favored what came to be known as “fierce face.” Most of their battleships combined high freeboard with exaggerated tumblehome (meaning that the ships were much wider at the waterline than at the main deck, with sides that sloped inward and allowed for turrets or barbettes mounted on the broadsides which could fire fore, aft, or to the side).

009 | 1897 | U.S.S. Massachusetts, fire room Tending the battleships coal-fired boilers. | Edward H. Hart

12 in Indefatigable class battlecruiser HMS New Zealand - she fired more main armament rounds (over 400) at the Battle of Jutland in 1916 than any other capital ship on either side, yet suffered no casualties (attributed by her crew to Maori items worn by her Captain in action). New Zealand funded her construction - and finished paying for her in 1958.