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Travelling With Tattoos--- This is a really great article that talks about different reactions she has gotten. Must read if you are concerned about how your tattoos will be received in foreign countries.

When BHAKTI enters FOOD, FOOD becomes PRASAD, When BHAKTI enters HUNGER, HUNGER becomes a FAST, When BHAKTI enters WATER, WATER becomes CHARANAMRIT, When BHAKTI enters TRAVEL, TRAVEL becomes a PILGRIMAGE, When BHAKTI enters MUSIC, MUSIC becomes KIRTAN, When BHAKTI enters a HOUSE, HOUSE becomes a TEMPLE, When BHAKTI enters ACTIONS, ACTIONS become SERVICES, When BHAKTI enters in WORK, WORK becomes KRISHNA KARMA(actions with out personal reactions) AND When BHAKTI enters a MAN, MAN becomes…

Potential host families have a number of initial reactions when approached about international youth exchange and the idea of hosting a student: We can’t afford to pay for an exchange student’s travel expenses, or his school fees, and think about how much teenagers spend on snack food, going to the movies, etc.! (Answer: host families are not responsible for students’ personal expenses.) We are planning a trip to California / Florida / Texas at the holidays, so we can’t host. What would…

Buy the Kenneth Cole Reaction No Easy Way Out Laptop Bag at eBags - Make it easy to pack and travel with all of your electronics and personal items for school or work s

Keep Your Diamond Wedding Ring Clean and on Your Finger Becoming married is a huge step in your life. Not only are you combining your life with someone else but you are also spending a lot of money on a wedding ceremony you will remember for the rest of your lives. Keeping your spouse happy and satisfied is always on the front burner when you first become married. Over the years you may be less likely to go out of your way in order to make the other person happy. Always remember it is the…

John Finnemore is given the "Lemons and Landmarks" book, dedicated to The Traveling Lemon, and his reaction is "Brilliant!" Love this. #CabinPressure

TRAVEL WITH FAMILY? Photograph the famous sights, but also try to capture the reactions of your children to new sensations such as new foods, camel riding, meeting local children. This will create photos that bring your kids (and you) more personal memories of their experience long after the trip is over. www.realegypt.com

'WHY I LOVE INDIA' @lavieenrox 2015 ~ 16, "People love or hate India. Or both. It's a country that brings reactions, that doesn't leave you neutral. Personally, I love it. When I think about it, my stomach flips because I miss it too much." via @topupyourtrip

Reaction Engines to develop hypersonic air travel within 10 to 15 years | Reaction Engines, an Oxfordshire based technology company, is working towards transforming the air and space travel industry. In the next 10 to 15 years, it intends to develop hypersonic air travel, meaning airliners could fly at five times the speed of sound... [Futuristic Airplanes: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/aircraft/]

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