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Quasimodo genderbend by esmeraldo

Quasimodo genderbend by esmeraldo

Esmerelda's brother? TheNamelessDoll

Esmeralda's brother: JUSTICE Esmeralda: when did you get here

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I'm just gonna say it, I think female Hans is absolutely gorgeous! And since I'm a Helsa shipper her and male Elsa would be so hot as genderbents! <<< 'Helsa' is a thing? Pffffft I ship either Jelsa or Merida x Elsa

Ignore that a commenter takes the Lord's name in vain. I had never realized or thought of this before!

Yeah I believe this theory that Mulan IS the Great Stone Dragon . 'Super Carlin Brothers' the you tube channel made a theory video on this.

Kristoff Is Secretly The Best Disney Hero Ever…

Why Kristoff is Secretly the Dreamiest Disney Guy Ever. More like "Not So Secretly" ^-^