L1M1AP3 - Viewpoint: Crocodile plant. (Birds eye view) Shot directly above, looking into the plant emphasising it spines and shadow the leaves cast. F/8, Exp 1/200, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 53mm, Handheld.

L1M1AP3 - Composition and Balance: Native bird life, Tasmania. F/7.1, Exp.1/320, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 75mm, Handheld.

L1M1AP3 - Composition and Balance: Bird of Paradise plant, notable emphasised among green foliage, shot directly in front, F/5.6, Exp1/100, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 42mm, Handheld.

L1M1AP3 - Viewpoint: Butterfly, handheld taken directly in front of the subject. F/8, Exp 1/500, ISO 200 (Auto), Focal Length 300mm, Handheld.

L1M1AS3 - Framing: Tasmania's high country under the vapour of clouds, very rugged! Shot standing/ reaching foward, F/6.3, Exp 1/100, ISO 1/100(Auto), ISO 100, Focal Length 21mm, Handheld.

L1M1AP2 - Hardness: Both shadow and light cast over subject face. F/6.3, Exp 1/80, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 39mm.

L1M1AP2 - Hardness: Some nice shadow cast over the subject. F/6.3, Exp 1/100, ISO-100 (Auto), Focal Length 55mm.

L1M1AP2 - Hardness: Head and shoulders frame under a tree capturing shadow and light on subject. F/6.3, Exp 1/100 sec, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal length 27mm.

L1M1AP2- Weather: The Text Kiln Bushy Park taken in the evening after a stormy afternoon. Still fairly overcast and enough light to cast a shadow on the verandah. F/ 5.6, Exp 1/100, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 18mm.

L1M1AP2 - Hardness: Subject casting hard shadow. F/7.1, Exp1/160, ISO 100 (Auto), Focal Length 33mm.

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