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The China sinkhole was naturally formed as a result of the region’s karst processes, in which the humid climate of Hubei’s Xuanen county triggered the chemical dissolution of the carbonate landscape. 10

They're called EcoSpheres and they have bacteria and algae in them that grows and it's self sustaining! ($79)

Mysterious sinkhole develops a surprising and beautiful ecosystem in China

A massive and relatively untouched sinkhole in China has developed a stunning self-contained ecosystem. Xuan'an, Hubei

This Alaskan Log Cabin Tower House Looks Like a Dr. Suess Movie Set

But it's not. It's a real house, built by Alaska Attorney Phillip Weidner. What started as a 40ft x 40ft log cabin has morphed into eight stories. No, we're not...

This recently discovered cave is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! ~ Vietnam

You may remember your grandmother starting to grow her own plants in jars of water. This age-old practice is still an excellent way to propagate many types of plants, including vining or soft-stem varieties of philodendron. Start with just a cutting and the philodendron will grow its own roots in the water. After rooting, you can plant it in a soil-filled container or in the garden. However, philodendron is one of those few houseplants that can grow in water permanently.

Miniature Salt Water Aquarium

Bring an exotic element into the home by brightening up your desk or room with the miniature salt water aquarium. This self contained aquatic habitat requires...

Best in glass: Tovah Martin's terrariums