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When you fight to cling to people who are no longer meant to be in your life, you delay your destiny. Let them go. Definitely, let them go. You deserve better.

stand up. stand out. make a difference.

I need to rewrite this: Strong people stand up for others but stronger people stand up for themselves. One of the hardest things to do in life is to stand up for yourself.

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I found that when I stopped I was the only one who as interested in there being an us.I was in denial about my husband loving me.

Also remember that your body is not just made to attract others, but more to be able to function to do so many cool and wonderful things. You are so much more than what you measure yourself up to be.

the shell to your soul

For my daughter - You have more to do than be weighed down by pretty or beautiful. You are a fiery heart and a wicked brain. Do not let your soul be defined by it's shell.

never give up you never know what is just around the corner | never give up never let go never give in

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Pain is a part of life, it is what makes us human; it shapes us the same as love and laughter. You don`t have to forget, but you cannot let it destroy you. Conquer the pain, don`t let it conquer you.

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