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Today the truth about 'c' as a ultimatel speed limit will be revealed - the barrier is broken and relativity will be shown through basic geometry to be an incomplete theory of motion in our Universe

Tetryonics 40.07 -The moving Magnet problem when analysed using tetryonic geometries reveals a whole new geometric interpretation of the energies of Matter in motion - and offers startling new corrections to the foundational postulates of relativity theory

Only ONE theory can reveal the charged quantum geometry of bosons, photons & EM waves to unite quantum, classical and relativistic mechanics through quantised angular momenta..... #Tetryonics

QED 27 – Photo-kinetics Pair production and the kinetic energies of photoelectrons are explained providing a geometric model for the source of Rydberg’s formula and the constant that bears his name. Quantum level differentials are revealed in geometric form and applied the emission/absorption lines of atomic nuclei. The twenty-seventh chapter in the release of Tetryonics it is an introduction to Quantum Electro Dynamics and electrical energy in the new millennia…

QED 26 - Photon properties Reveals the distinct properties of Photons including their role as a quantum Harmonic oscillator. Faraday rotation, Euler’s formula, the inverse square law and Compton scattering are all applied, along with super-positioning of EM waves to create white light. The twenty-sixth chapter in the release of Tetryonics it serves as an introduction to Quantum Electro Dynamics and electrical energy in the new millennia. www.tetryonics.com

QED 29 - Absorption~Emission lines The geometry behind Rydberg’s formula and constant is revealed along with its relationship to electron wavenumbers and relativistic Lorentz corrections of the [K]EM fields of electrons in motion. All of the Hydrogen spectral lines can now be easily explained as a function stemming from the geometry of equilateral energy momenta The twenty-ninth chapter in the release of Tetryonics www.tetryonics.com

QED 39 – Light waves Light as a form of EM radiation is explained along with all of its mathematical properties of Super positioning, interference, reflection & refraction. Wave functions, EM wave probabilities and EM wave super positioning are all clearly explained with Tetryonic geometries leading to the full explanation of Physics greatest mystery: Wave-Particle duality and the interference patterns produced by the slit experiments www.tetryonics.com

Tetryonics 40.10 - Maxwell's Vortexes - an 19th century attempt to model the equilateral geometry of quantised angular momentum that gives rise to fields of force and the quantum mechanics of particles

QED 25 – Photons The equilateral geometry behind Photons as derived from Tetryonics [the Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter]. Covering Photons specifically, it reveals the geometric properties of all Photonic bundles of EM energy. EM field Frequency, wavelength, and the speed of Energy (along with it momenta vectors) are all related back to the equilateral geometry of Quantised Angular Momenta The twenty-fifth chapter in the release of Tetryonics www.tetryonics.com

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