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Built for the Tsesarevich Alexander Nicholayevich in 1844-50 by the Russian architect Andrei Stackenschneider, it was shelled in WWII, slowly restored but abandoned in 1980's. The local governor recently awards funds for it to begin anew life as a government Wedding Palace, opening as early as 2015. (via Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia)

Celebrity Design Reveal: JP and Ashley Rosenbaum's Nursery

3rd Place at PepsiFilm 2011 Poland Creative Director: Sebastian Ungrad "The Cloud" starring Carina Noack featuring Erkan Acar Steven Merley Steven M. Gilbert and Eva-Maria May Make Up by Miriam Hübner Costume Design by Henning Schulz Set Design by Alexander H. Schulz Score & Sound Design by Sonnenstudio Music The Song "Here With You" written and performed by Sebastian Schell Produced by Tommy Kreiselmaier & Eric Sonnenburg Directed by Xander Bartole & Adolfo Kolmerer 1st…