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Find a reason to celebrate, and participate in World Baking Day today. #worldbakingday #timetobake #comfortfood

Saverite is a convenience store situated on York Street in George, whose mission it is to deliver fresh products with exceptional service.

Saverite Supermarket York Street has something for everybody and everybody is welcome. Visit our store and check out all the amazing special offers we have for you. We buy right so that you can "Saverite" #supermarket #groceries #essentials

Visit our bakery to find freshly baked delights for the whole family. Saverite Supermarket York Street is committed to bringing you the best value for money, all the time. #supermarket #groceries #essentialshopping

Did you know that today is National Empanada day in Brazil? These tasty morsels are served with a variety of sauces as a starter and they sometimes even have Empanada parties. Saverite Supermarket York Street stocks all the ingredients to make your own little party favorites. #didyouknow #nationalfooddays #supermarket

Saverite Supermarket York Street recognizes the importance of Womens day and wishes all women a fabulous celebration. Join us today as we are open from 8:00 till 16:00. Don't forget the trolley dash at 12:00. #womansday #celebrations #nationalday

Saverite Supermarket York Street will be open on the 21st March from 08h00 until 16h00 for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you in the store on National Human Rights Day. #supermarket #groceries #convenience

Breaking news from Saverite Supermarket York Street. Howard Matolla, the winner of this weeks trolley run has donated his chance to win to a charity. We will therefore not be holding the Trolley dash today but on Monday instead. Please join us for this momentous occasion. Details will be announced in due course. #charitydonation #supermarket #groceries

With a very wide variety to choose from, Saverite Supermarket stocks all your everyday cleaning detergents to ensure a clean healthy home environment. #lifestyle #supermarket