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White heart on baby cow... he would be my love bug!

White heart on baby cow

Valentines Day Calf This little ox calf was born at Yamakun Farm near Tokyo, Japan a few years ago with a large white heart shaped patch of hair on it’s forehead.


"I'm gonna hug you, and squeeze you, and love you, and hug you.little bunny. " Sweet two-year-old loves her bunny

Love the looks of ladder shelving in front of a window!

This is for a house but I think its a great idea for decorating an outdoor ranch wedding too. Where is that big hay barn ladder? Cottage Kitchen Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 162

Lamb don't care!

Top 30 Funny Animal Pictures and Jokes

Funny pictures about Deliciously adorable. Oh, and cool pics about Deliciously adorable. Also, Deliciously adorable.

A mother's love for her baby is so precious.

Why is it that a kiss on the forehead from mom says "I love you forever"? This is so beautiful. I kiss my kid's foreheads

Absolutely magnificent black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - - photo by Kuvauksellista.com

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Graceful and Affectionate

These are Suffolk sheep from England.  I never got tired of watching them in the fields..

The Valais Blacknose (also known as: Wallis Blacknose, German: Walliser Schwarznasenschaf (Valaisian black nose sheep), Blacknosed Swiss, Visp, Visperschaf) is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Valais region.

Love the eye makeup

I love how the three toed sloth has such an amazing smiling face! My favorite animal!


Valais Black-faced Sheep – Yes, these are real sheep. They are called Valais black-faced sheep.

I LOVE Pomeranians

[Donmar's Victoria] i want a pomeranian like this in this color exactly. not too much black fur on the face. looks bright and fluffy and i just love that caramel brown