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Carly Watts Art & Illustration

Carly Watts Art & Illustration

Carly Watts Art & Illustration: Royal Birds of Paradise

Here is last week's Colour Collective piece inspired by the colour 'Rose Tyrien' which totally made me think of GoT but then I realised a.

Carly Watts Art & Illustration: MerVamp

The chosen colour was 'Cobalt Blue Turquoise' so I chose to illustrate this unusual mermaid.

Carly Watts Art & Illustration: Shy Little Violets

This is an illustration I finished quite awhile ago when I was illustrating the red rose from Alice in Wonderland. It's based on the 'shy.

Lilac Dala Horse for Colour Collective/Illustration

Here is last weeks Colour Collective! The chosen colour was 'Lilac' - such a pretty colour and very summery too.