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Police Tribute - The Lion Speech (Edited) - YouTube

Police Tribute - The Lion Speech (Edited)

Police from around the US speak candidly about tensions on streets‏. #Blue Lives Matter

Police from around the US speak candidly about tensions on streets‏

Seven police officers and sergeants from across the country sit down with NBC's Kate Snow to describe what it's like to walk the streets in their shoes.


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always kiss and tell your family you love them before your Tour Of Duty....you never know when it will be your last...

Honoring a Hero! My husband is now a retired officer, during his career we attended so many of these, God bless the families.

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Michelle Obama was a major supporter of "Bringing Our Girls Home" which was a hashtag that showed that we were prayer for the Nigerian girls and their families.

Bob Hope on Zombies and Democrats - The Ghost Breakers 1940

Best Bob Hope movie line From the Ghost Breakers. A 1940 classic with Bob Hope. Democrats are like zombies.

Hahahahahaha I am in love with this because it is so true. <3 keep it coming guys because when you resort to name calling and bashing then you lose . "The fact that you have resorted to name calling shows that you therefore find my opinion valid and can no longer argue" -Spock lol

So describes my ex-neighbor.that liberal, jealous, envious whack job.