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Amazing cloud formation looks like an Aussie Digger in a slouch hat

An extraordinary image has emerged of what appears to be a cloud formation that draws uncanny similarities to an Aussie Digger in a slouch hat, just two weeks before Anzac Day.

Love these storm clouds

Stormy sky and sea.

Virga clouds; they are essentially rain or snow that evaporates before reaching the ground. Image credit: Jurgen Oste.

Virga clouds look a bit like jellyfish floating in the sky. The "tentacles", which you can see hanging down, are called "virga". They are essentially rain, or snow, that evaporates away before ever reaching the ground. Virga common over Arizona

Lightning teams up with raindrops to help transform the air into fertilizer

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"my limerence for you will never fade"-m.

1080 x 1920 background vertical hd

Colorful clouds of radioactive and un-predictable miasma that was the result of magical warfare.

gemini, cancer, virgo

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Beautiful photography from all over the world | From up North

Photography inspiration

flying high above the clouds at dusk [ colour inspiration - rich pink sunset hues ]

Looks like God is taking a peek....just off the island of Madeira.

Most beautiful show at sea - Madeira Portugal A beautiful scene with the clouds, the sky, the sun and the ocean as the leading role players. In the background you see the islands of Desertas.

Контакты с потусторонним миром - скорее норма, чем аномалия - 27 Марта 2016 - Земля - Хроники жизни

A heavenly angel shape appears in a cloud above The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. (Isres Chorphaka/Solent News/Rex):

I could stare at photos of clouds or the real things for ages #inspirecreatesharecomp #SUavidcrafter

The higher the clouds, the more chance of a tornado. Read an article on cumulous cloud formation.

Colorful clouds

Clouds are beautiful, fire rainbow cloud

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desert clouds by Peter Holme III

Spectacular Cloud formation

Storm cloud on a late May afternoon in Terry, Montana (Eastern Montana)

What a storm!

What a storm!