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Explore Severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and more!

I have found that I sleep so much better and don't need as much sleep which is really a big thing for me as I have severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue....I also have been able to cut way back on my pain meds...I didn't really aim to do just happened, because I wasn't as sore anymore! Another thing I've noticed is that I don't crave all the sweets and junk foods that I used to crave.

I am more than pleased with the inches and weight loss, but more so with how great I feel!! Better sleep, no more aching feet, more energy, NO more acid reflux or IBS. And I lost cravings for foods and junk that just made me feel yucky after. I can feel my hip bones lol. No more saddle bags and ? where did my leg cellulite go? I Love it!

I've lost over a hundred pounds, cut my blood pressure medicine in half, and gotten completely off insulin! Took me around a year for the 100 pounds. I cut carbs. I did walk but can't do excessive exercise because of a back injury!

My medical conditions have improved. I do still suffer from a “complicated migraine disorder” and fibromyalgia however, my blood pressure and cholesterol are totally under control without medications, I am no longer borderline diabetic or have to call in my blood pressure weekly and my liver count went from critical to normal!

After 4 days of being on Skinny Fiber I noticed my heart burn was under control. I could exercise but continued to lose inches until late June of this year. My doctor had me on a drug called, Simvastatin since 2013 for my cholesterol. Around February of this year, she began telling me my sugar was elevated and in June after hearing this again, I decided to look up the side effects. Sure enough, that drug causes Diabetes!

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"I myself suffer with Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis , spinal stenosis, IBS, depression, basically over all Chronic Pain.

This past spring, it was suggested to me that I should try the Skinny Fiber pills since some women had found them to be helpful with decreasing the number and intensity of their hot flashes. So, I did. I took two pills a day for two months and found they did help.

My fibromyalgia pain and fatigue are greatly reduced and I no longer have issues with IBS. I am able to cope with negative situations much easier. I have only gotten 4 or 5 migraines in the last 90 days; I used to get them nearly every day. My blood pressure is lower and I have a lot more patience. AND I'm happier and have more self-confidence! lol. go figure, right?

Since having been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, 23 years ago, my weight just kept climbing. I tried several different things, programs, exercise routines and nothing was helping me lose the weight. I actually had come to terms with my weight and told myself "this is what you are meant to be" but I never really felt happy or healthy. Skinny Fiber is slowly giving me my life back and I will not stop using it, EVER!!