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Dragon's Kitchen: Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe by Art Smith Sometimes you just need say what the heck and indulge in some sinfully rich food.

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken Recipe: To make low carb use coconut flour instead of reg. flour, almond flour instead of panko bread crumbs and use the un-sweetened coconut flakes plus 3 tsp. of Splenda or other sugar free sweetener. For the sauce I would replace the SF apricot preserves for a variety of SF berry preserves.

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken

Six Sisters' Stuff: Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Apricot Sauce. Just made this tonight. Added shiracha and soy sauce to the egg and a lil mustard to dipping sauce.

Save time with this restaurant tip!  Pasta for a crowd has never been easier!

Restaurant Secret for Making Pasta for a Crowd!

Save time with this restaurant tip! Pasta for a crowd has never been easier! The next time you are entertaining a large crowd and are serving pasta, try this time saving and stress free tip.

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Quick and easy Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, using whole grain pasta, scores winning points on the home front. This homey buffalo chicken mac and cheese

Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings (spotted by @Williemaeziz )

Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings cup all-purpose flour teaspoon paprika teaspoon cayenne pepper teaspoon salt 10 chicken wings oil for deep frying cup butter cup hot sauce 1 dash ground black pepper 1 dash garlic powder

Golden Corral Fried Chicken Recipe

Golden Corral is a popular buffet restaurant that has branches all over the USA. They are famous for many of their dishes; one of them is the Golden Corral Fried Chicken which both kids and adults .