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Fantastic Four (1961) No. 112                                                                                                                                                     More

FANTASTIC FOUR #112 Classic Bronze Age story and cover art

Fantastic Four 112 - Hulk Vs Thing - Marvel Comics Group - Nuff Said - Approved Comics Code Authority - Fight - John Buscema

This cover was the basis of one of the Galactus toy sets.

Fantastic Four by John Byrne. Galactus would be an awesome villain, especially if Marvel movie properties can ever unite. For now, the FF and Avengers can't meet unless the lawyers can work it out :p

Fantastic Four #82, January 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG/F

Fantastic Four #82, January 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG/F

fantastic four covers silver age | Fantastic Four #4 comic book from Marvel Comics Group

comicbookcovers: Fantastic Four May cover by Jack Kirby, Sol Brodsky, and Artie Simek

marvel silver age comic book covers | 1966 Fantastic Four #48 Marvel Comics Silver Age Ungraded (MEARS ...

A pretty brilliant Jack Kirby cover to FANTASTIC FOUR. Rather than simply showing Galactus on this first appearance cover, Kirby instead chooses to focus on the reactions of the public, the FF, and most ominously, the Watch. Galactus himself isn’t.