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Lift: 10 Reasons to Strength Train - All too often the benefits of strength training (also referred to as weight lifting or toning) are overlooked. Here are 10 key reasons to add strength training to your fitness regimen.

7 Easy Steps To Burn Over 2,900 More Calories Every Week! And keep in mind one pound is 3,500 calories.

7 Fitness Hacks to Help Burn More Calories Each Week

Hack Your Workout: 7 easy steps to burn over 2900 more calories every week. Start feeling and looking better!

Yes! Big pet peeve to hear people say it's cheaper to eat junk, that's just an excuse they tell themselves!!!

Did you know that fruits and vegetables actually cost LESS per serving than junk food? From Mens Health Eat This not That Did you know that fruits and vegetables actually…

We called them up downs in cheer. I remember one season my coach made us do almost 400 in one practice.... Not even kidding. Then after a set of 100 non stop we still had to tumble, stunt  jump. Best coach I ever had though.

One Exercise To Know This Week: Burpees - The world’s worst exercise is about to become your favorite.❤️ but hate the Burpee

Why women should #strength train #strengthtraining | dailyburn.com #weightlifting

30 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Why women should #strength train #strengthtraining | dailyburn.com #weightlifting

Think about what you're eating || The More You Know

Diet and Exercise: How long it takes to burn off calories for health and fitness

Olympic Lifts

Barehand- Build Better Grip

Olympic Lift Chart - the bars across the bottom illustrate at a glance the difference between the various lifts.


Fitness Myths

A guide to the bridges exercise progression following Convict Conditioning Program

Bridges Progression - Body Weight Training Arena, Convict Conditioning: website with a number of interesting walk throughs to difficult skills

Using fat burning supplements for weight loss - If you ever visit and spend some time perusing a bodybuilding website, you will quickly discover that body builders really know their way around optimal weight loss and fat burning strategies. Infographic: F

Reddit's Guide to Fitness [Infographic] | Greatist

Reddit's Guide to Fitness [Infographic]

Join me and go 100% Paleo over the next 21 days for a chance to win signed copies of each of my Paleo Cookbooks!

Go 100% Paleo For 21 Days & Win My Paleo Cookbooks! - Paleo Porn: Steamy Paleo Recipes

Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge infographic for my friends who wondered how/why I live the way I do

Nutrition is essential in playing sports.  Proper nutrition can help you be on your A game.  Check out these tips to maximize your performance . by lucinda

Great tips for packing in the essential nutrients during busy game weekends and tournaments without losing any of the value while on the road

Learn how to build muscle. From what to eat to how to train. This infographic will help you build lean muscle mass. #infographics #fitness

How to build muscle [infographic]

5 things you need to know about Garcinia Cambogia Learn how to build muscle. From what to eat to how to train. This infographic will help you build lean muscle mass. Want excellent helpful hints regarding weight loss?