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5 REASONS WE SHOULDNT COMPARE OUR KIDS TO ANYBODY Action steps for parents.  kids, parents, selfesteem, confidance, building confidance, preschool, smart kids.For more parenting tips visit smartkidacademy.com

Jenn took ecstasy yesterday! 5 reasons we shouldn't compare our kids to anybody. Action steps for parents.

Take a “Time-In”: Teaching Your Child to Self Regulate Repinned by Apraxia Kids Learning. Come join us on Facebook at Apraxia Kids Learning Activities and Support- Parent Led Group.

Kid Activity: Become a Birder for a Day

Take a “Time-In”: Teaching your child to take some down time and regroup. Great tips from Cindy Utzinger, pediatric Occupational Therapist.

9 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarden {Resources}

9 Skills to GET YOUR CHILD READY FOR KINDERGARTEN: Whether your child is two years old or five, these skills are vital to his/her success in school. Build a strong foundation at home before your child starts school.

Raising Godly Children: 10 Habits to Develop for Correcting Your Children

Raising Godly Children: 10 Habits to Develop for Correcting Your Children Sweet reminders .

Anxious Child? Teach them to be Bossy with Worries

How to help your anxious child: a guide for parents

If your child struggles with anxiety, you know how powerful a worried thought can be. Empower your child to take control of their worries using something that comes naturally - bossiness! Teach your worried or anxious child to be bossy with their worries!


Start Them Young – Entrepreneurial Skills All Kids Should Learn

Should you teach your kids entrepreneurial habits? Silicon Republic, an Irish tech publication thinks so. This infographic shares insights into what kinds of skills you should teach your children so they can grow up to set up and run a small business.

Tired of your kids being rude and disrespectful? Yelling and punishment do not teach your kids to be respectful. Here are 7 positive ways to respond!

How to Respond When Your Child is Disrespectful

Tired of your kids being rude and disrespectful? Here are 7 positive ways to respond. If the problem is chronic consequences still need to be used, but for occasional outbursts this is good info.

Scan your kids' artwork into a book so you don't have to keep 1,000 pieces of paper forever. I love this especially as they get older--brilliant idea!!

such a great idea.scan your kids artwork & make them into photobooks. Then you don't have all those pieces of paper & you have their artwork forever. (This is a neat idea because I know most of my artwork as a kid got tossed out eventually)

8 Ways Your Toddler Can Listen Better

8 Ways Your Toddler Can Listen Better

Minus the touching them part, this applies to teaching middle schoolers

Christmas sometimes makes for greedy kids. Here's some parenting tips on how to help your child overcome their greedy hearts.

The One Thing That Stole My Christmas Joy Each Year

A really thoughtful perspective on the commercialistic aspects of Christmas and how they affect our kids' character. from Up Fagans