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The fly tying of Gunnar Brammer | FrankenFly

The fly tying of Gunnar Brammer

Swim Bugger - fluo/yellow

Unique Flies Swim Bugger - Fluo/Yellow - Buy online here!

A Creative Fly Tying Blog.: The Flex-Tail Minnows.

The Flex-Tail Minnows.

Muddler Jig Originally the Muddler Jig was brought to the market in 1971, then discontinued due to the lack of experienced fly tiers, in 1980. During its first lifespan the Muddler Jig proved deadly on smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon and all trout species. Nothing better attracts gamefish than deerhair, feathers and squirrel tail.

Muddler Minnow Jig from Gapen - the Original Muddler Minnow now in jig form. Drive down into deep pools and holes with a fish-catching deepwater fly. Muddler Jig - tie one on.

Top 10 Fly Fishing Flies For Catching Trout (Fly Fishing Flies) | Montana Matt

The Pale Morning Dun fly pattern should be in your fly box as it is a good choice when you need to match the hatch of many light mayfly dun hatches. Trout feast heavily on Pale dun mayflies.