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Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4

Nir Lavi Israeli model ~ Easy on the eyes. I tried to teach my kids that looks don't matter, it's whats on the inside that counts. (Don't get me wrong. my kids were & are beautiful).

Beautiful gray eyes. I love the hair...but I seriously hate those earrings.

OMG, those gorgeous eyes, and that goatee and that long hair.whew, is it hot…

Nir Lavi, Israeli model.  Mesmerizing.. Wow this guy could play the next Jesus!!.

The Malorin'athgul Pelas (Pelasommayurek) from Book 2 Dagger of Adendigaeth (Israeli model Nir Lavi)

Israeli model Nir Lavi

Nir Lavi (model) - Those wolfy eyes! And that hair! *swoon* This has become one of my favorite inspirations (mostly for the hair) for Dominic Cicerone - one of my main characters.