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Everybody thinks they are the normal one

" I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, because I find them the weirdest of all" ~TRUTH

Johnny Dep

Emotional vampires true colors really show even tho they try to act like they are a perfect saint. Lol I KNOW how my heart is, I don't have to try to fake it or convince others or (myself) :)

How cool is this? The names of the characters would have been better tho. Not these close minded descriptions

Simply Depp…

Uplifting Quotes (Moving On Quotes 0165) 4

"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now." -Edna Mode, The Incredibles

If only people at my school live by this, you'd be surprised by the bullying that goes on and you don't always see it.

Here is a kick-ass list of 17 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes! Check the Image Quotes from the worlds most famous actors.

And this gets bigger each day...

The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the rational Mind is a Faithful servant. We have created a society that Honours the servant and has forgotten the GIFT . Albert Einstein on the rational mind and the intuitive mind ~