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Lisa Nilsson, Transverse Head-Tongue (2013)

Lisa Nilsson constructed these incredible anatomical sculptures using a technique called quilling or paper filigree.

Lisa Nilsson "Transverse Head-Tonge" (2013) de la serie "Tissue". Medidas: 14 x 11 1/2 x 1 1/2 pulgadas

Transverse head tongue Mulberry paper collage with mixed media box and antique glass 16 x 6 x 6 inches

Kleines Freudenhaus: "Kunst aufräumen" mit Ursus Wehrli

Tidying Up Art and The Art of Cleanup is an artistic collection by Ursus Wehrli that deconstructs art (and life) to promote a more organi.

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Update: Quilled Paper Sculptures by Lisa Nilsson

Anatomia - Arte em papel

Lisa Nilsson, Tissue Series featured quilled human anatomy cross sections displayed in wooden silk covered boxes she made by hand.

AmazingAnatomical Cross-Sections Made with Quilled Paper.. More in the series:

Anatomy in Paper

Lisa NILSSON: Tissue Series / For her Tissue Series, artist Lisa Nilsson constructs anatomical cross sections of the human body using rolled pieces of Japanese mulberry paper, a technique known as quilling or paper filigree.

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Bored Panda

75 Photos Of Amazing Paper Art

Lisa Nilsson’s Tissue Series consists of anatomical cross-sections made from Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books.

Advocate cardiologist provides helpful information on heart health. #hearthealth #health

Advocate cardiologist provides helpful information on heart health

coupe anatomie papier 05 Coupes anatomiques en tranches de papier  technologie bonus art  LisaNilsson

Coupes anatomiques en tranches de papier

Anatomical Cross Sections Made with Quilled Paper by Lisa Nilsson quilling paper anatomy

Lisa Nilsson- paper- Abdomen

Abdomen by Lisa Nilsson (paper, 15 x x inches, Transverse section: showing lumbar vertebra, kidneys, intenstines

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cartoon health care reform

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