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Wicca. The Beginner's Guide To The Wheel Of The Year. It was unheard of for any one ethnic denomination of ancient pagans to celebrate all 8 festival seasons. Gerald Gardner, influenced by Margaret Murray,  implemented all 8 into Wicca. Much of his "Witch-Cult" hypothesis was heavily influenced by  Robert Graves' fictional work "The White Goddess" which many have falsely assumed as an historical work but was the author's poetic and  personal "historical re-imagining" of ancient faith…

Wiccans celebrate several seasonal festivals of the year, which are known as Sabbats; collectively these occasions are often termed the Wheel of the Year.

Lavender Star DIY Sweeeet!!! -- Love doing this!!! Nice Instructions (Don't forget - You can also incorporate number magick) -- #wicca #pagan #diy                                                                                                                                                      More

Lavendel Stern - How to make a lavender star / pentagram.at If you absolutely love arts and crafts you really will enjoy this cool info!

Beltane - May Day

Beltane - May Day-- you don't have to be completely pagan to enjoy this ancient Celtic festival. Just do what feels natural.

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Beltane Magick ~ Tie colored ribbons to your trees with Blessings written on them.