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((( Steve Todd ))) on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @stevenwtodd: Red Lion does #FeelTheBern via @ydrcom Yes we did thanks to @YorkPAForBernie Sanders 2016 and George Sanders !!! March 31 2016 at 04:07AM

teagen on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @stydiaagb: MASON YES OMFG #TeenWolf March 08 2016 at 09:51PM

AliciaCCTX on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @AliciaCCTX: @Heughligans @heartoutlander @GwinnettDaily perks up did someone say political? #FeelTheBern (sorry knee jerk reaction at this point) March 30 2016 at 09:32AM

Burton Brown Sr. on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @BurtonBrown: The time is now for the United States to end capital punishment. - @BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern April 02 2016 at 03:03AM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @InaMaziarcz: #FeelTheBern Bernie's Social media meme's make it seem like he's just one of us poor folk. So what is his effective Tax Rate? March 29 2016 at 03:03PM

Sekhmara on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Sekhmara: .@dodi70 Trump land... please... I'm #BernieOrBust #FeelTheBern peace! March 30 2016 at 11:46PM

Clyde Barrow on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Clyde_Barrow_: @GaspardGlanz #ACAB April 29 2016 at 08:53AM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @YouPlusEveryone: #IfTrumpWins the free world will expand for the first time Smart Economics will exist in the capitalist era of globalisation March 09 2016 at 04:24PM

Franklin Leonard on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @franklinleonard: @EmmyDriven But if he doesn't get the nom that's moot. #FeelTheBern all you want until the nomination is decided. After that vote Hillary. March 30 2016 at 02:59PM

ashley on

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @savvygrl: all the womenz #SheInspiresMe March 08 2016 at 02:02PM