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B. Obama 1st African American U.S. President, The Gaurdian: Chaos Theory - Computer Science: Kerckhoffs' principle —  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368943394460076743/ . One type of encryption, secret key or symmetric key, relies on diffusion and confusion - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368943394460022816/ | Duende: https://www.pinterest.com/alvateino/currying-right-leg-forward/ | telegram of a chicks sounded like M. Obama: "Teino we really did think your talks couldn't stop."

To understand Obama's legacy, walk in his shoes on the day it all began

Barack Obama & Martin Luther King

Daily Cool…Barack Obama & Martin Luther King

"I have a dream." MLK: (whispering) "Twice! Who voted for you?Americans voted for me man!" MLK: "Thas waz up!" President Barack Obama & the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. [digitized photo via Trendy Traveler]


"So sue me." President Obama may not be perfect, but I love him for standing up to a useless congress!

President Barack Obama Unfortunately the "me decade" generation has yet to hear the call--and probably never will.

President Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Poster - Spirit of Patriotism, Service and Responsibility Quote from his Inspirational & Motivational Speeches.

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There are so many never mentioned in the right wing corporate media.

A LONG List Of President Obama’s Accomplishments (With Citations) I printed this out a couple years back.



Michelle and Barack Obama

True Love is a Beautiful Thing and these two have it! President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama!

#MichelleObama Real men aren't intimidated by strong, smart women.  In fact, the really smart ones know they're better for having that strength at their side.  For the idiots who keep commenting that she was disbarred, please learn how to fact check. Both she and her husband can switch their status from inactive to active at a moments notice.  Do your research somewhere other than a trash website, please.

A beautiful intelligent black woman with a beautiful soul! Classy First Lady~ Michelle Obama-- I actually didn't even know this, even though I love the Obamas and everything thing they've done for the country.

I miss his kind an educated words....the Don's twitter rants are disgusting and embarrassing.

President Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Poster - Faith, Dreams, Miracles Quote from his Inspirational & Motivational Speeches.