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Rovin D2 by kitchener.lord, via Flickr

American Bantam Pickup. Not sure of year. 39?

Russian Convertible. 1972 SMZ. SMZ in Serpuchow, near Moscow, produced a very basic 3-wheel vehicle intended for use by war veterans, until the Late '50's. In 1956 a 4-wheeled car -the SAZ - was produced, with more car-like qualities & still available for veterans. A hardtop was available. It was produced into the '70's when the SDZ or "Sputnik" arrived. This car is fitted with hand controls.

1977 AC model 70 Invacar.Made in Coventry UK by AC cars.All Invacars were owned by the government and leased to disabled drivers as part of their disability benefit. Early vehicles were powered by an air-cooled Villiers 147 cc engine, replaced in 1970 by a much more powerful 4-stroke 500 cc or 600 cc Steyr-Puch engine, giving a reported top speed of 82 mph .On 31 March 2003 Invacars were banned from British roads because of safety concerns.

1960 Biscuter 200-C Comercial Estimate:$20,000-$30,000 US

Subaru 360 ===>