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Woman of Djenne, Mali

Woman of Djenne, Mali

Martinique Carnival

Women dancing in the street in vibrant clothing during a celebration on the island of Martinique.

Malachi Kirby is Kunta Kinte in 'Roots' Remake - NBC News

Malachi Kirby is Kunta Kinte in 'Roots' Remake

"Kunta Kinte" from the 2016 mini-series "Roots" Mankundi of Gambia.

Respect The Voodoo 🌪🔥🔮

Respect The Voodoo 🌪🔥🔮

Yoruban belief about children born with naturally curly hair.

Photo - Black Girls With Beautifully Short Hair.

Photo (Black Girls With Beautifully Short Hair.)

Created by: Jess Holzworth Director, Fine Artist, Tastemaker, Pagan/New Ager

Black Royalty, Black King, Beautiful, Cha Cha

The Warm, Welcoming Senegalese Coast Shines Through Sophie Zinga’s ‘Hibiscus’ Collection

A senior woman of the Ndoni , Igbo, Nigeria, late C19th. Vintage postcard, author's collection.

A titled Igbo woman, Ndoni, Igboland [present day northern Rivers State, Nigeria]. Postcard from the turn of the century.

Akuaba Doll:  Ashanti women carry Akuaba dolls in a cloth wrapped around their back as a charm to ensure the birth of healthy, attractive children. They are also carried by small girls tucked into the back at their waist clothes. Ashantis' admire a high, round forehead. The rings on the neck represent rolls of fat. This is also preferred as an indication of being well-fed. Akuaba dolls usually have small female breasts.

Akubaba/Akua ba Wooden Doll (African) at Interesting Items - Vintage Collectibles & Folk Art

Bantu Knots Tutorial Plus 25 Hot Pictures

Bantu Knots Tutorial Plus 25 Hot Pictures

Here are four simple steps on how to do bantu knots. We have also listed some cute hairstyle pictures to view as well. View the tutorial on bantu knots.