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Epithelanta micromeris | por Dornenwolf

Epithelanta micromeris | por Dornenwolf

Eriocereus martinii

Eriocereus martinii first time to flower.

Assorted cactus

I got to sell some nice specimens of these today but I kept the only crested one for me.

Amy AcarBra – Google+

Cristata Formundaki Kaktüsler -- this would look terrific in one of those skull planters

‘Daydream’ Hybrid Echinopsis Cactus   “This time-lapse shows flowers opening on a ‘Daydream’ hybrid echinopsis cactus,” explains succulent enthusiast Greg Krehel   (http://instagram.com/echinopsisfreak).   Video by @echinopsisfreak http://instagram.com/p/rHjfjrqZHD/

Watch this 'Daydream' Hybrid Echinopsis Cactus open overnight in this 15 second video.

Discocactus horstii

Discocactus horstii → Plant characteristics and more photos at: worldofsucculents