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Hah! I've been doing that for 28 years and 11 months!!!

I've been doing that for 28 years and 11 months!


Im like why would They be excited about there nipples coming off? But yes public school is horrible

can i have a chariot pulled by cats<<< I've literally always wanted a rolling chair pulled by dogs<<< My name is Freya, I am proud to be named after this wonderful goddess

Hahaha omg this was too good.  The time they went down with the ship.

"he sank the boat he was working on just to kill the captain" <---- I love that.

Clever girl. Because everything sounds great with a British accent!

Facebook Wins And Fails

Tonight my daughter said something to me that I didn't think was the most polite, so I told her she needed to say it again in a nicer way. She repeated it with British accent. British accents make everything sound better.