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Little Big Town - Better Man - "Everybody has a better man. It might have been a lover, or a parent that disappointed you. I think the beauty of that storytelling is that we can all relate to being disappointed in someone and still loving them, but saying ‘Enough is enough,'" she shared. "This would have been amazing if you would have gotten your act together. That's kind of a fun song to sing."

This is definitely Qhuinn & Blay's song. (Hope at least one person gets the JR Ward reference.) Muse - Madness

I think I've already lost you, I think you're already gone. I think I'm finally scared now. And you think I'm weak, I think you're wrong. I think you're already leaving, feels like your hand is on the door. I thought this place was an empire, and now I'm relaxed and I can't be sure.