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a good thing to clear your mind and feel at peace is to walk within the trees that have been there long before our time.

Lashes & Beard: An open window.

"A spring breeze lifted the thin curtains, fluttering a few moments of tranquility into the turbulent day.

Punte di bosco

The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian mist through the trees

V I C I O U S L Y // C Y D

“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really like their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business” – Dr.

Har ah pe garm angarein -likhein Tere Naam-Swarnakshyar pe likhna hai na Naam Tere- ujhlae ujhle...

I didn't understand why everyone was so silly about walking in this woods. A path was already there and it was pretty! Later I learned the path ended and I was lost.

"Action, romance, bad weather & broken crayons. When fierce storms clash over an industrialized valley, a two-souled artist must subdue a Sky Devil, a force of immeasurable size & power." READ about: THREE RIVERS DEEP book series on FACEBOOK @ https://www.facebook.com/threeriversdeepbooks?ref=aymt_homepage_panel (pic source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492370171744954790/ )

Three Rivers Deep

Abnoba Romano-Celtic forest and river goddess (Black Forest area). Source of the English river name "Avon" and its cognates in continental Europe. Also goddess of the hunt (similar to the Roman Diana).