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A Red Panda cub is making a remarkable recovery at Taronga Zoo with the help of a surrogate mom and a cuddly soft toy. The two-month-old female cub, named Maiya, gets round-the-clock care after sustaining a neck injury while being carried in her mother’s mouth

Maiya the Red Panda cub is making a remarkable recovery from a neck injury thanks to expert care from her keepers at Taronga Zoo. Read her story and see video at ZooBorns.com and at http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2017/01/red-panda-cub-gets-a-helping-hand-at-taronga-zoo.html

A 2-month-old red panda cub whose neck was injured while she was being carried by her mom at Australia’s Taronga Zoo is getting some comfort from a surrogate — and a stuffed animal that looks like her mom.

There's something not quite right about that panda! Zoo workers wear special outfits to help train babies for a life in the wild.. Welp I've found my new occupation; fake panda

The article heading is "PANDA RETURNED TO WILD BY COMPLETELY INCONSPICUOUS MEN IN PANDA SUITS". Inconspicuous. I do not think you know what that word means.

LOL..Did u know panda handlers will put on panda suits so the babies don't feel threatened?? just what i heard :)

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