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Random Facts More Facts on Psychofacts:)  CREEPY haha

I just did this and it works! Have to zoom in. Some where in the Netherlands. So crazy to actually see that on maps!

I did it!!!<= challenge accepted. edit: but oh god I almost didn't do it and now my lungs hate me << easy peasy lemon squeezy

I guess I am a awesome kisser I reposted and typed this without breathing

Today, I went to In-N-Out with my friends like we do every week.

In-n-out is amazing, knowing this happened there is only going to make things 100 times better.

I cried when I read this. I HATE bullying

The ending really hit me. It's so sad. I'm really crying. It really hurt when I read the ending.( << I legit got tears right now. It's making me cry.<<<Oh my goodness. this is so sad

Yay I did it

(no longer typing w/ my elbow.that obviously failed XD, I meant to say: "did it on my laptop, typed it too. Now time to click pin w/ my elbow XD)

Ugh guys can be so annoying/gross sometimes (minus this one guy)

I was given the opportunity once to deliver a similar line to a random creep. With my deadpan, "I am not even remotely joking" expression, it worked very well indeed<<you are my hero

Yo I re-pinned this before and I overslept for school but my parents said it's OK you don't have to go

HOPING YOU GET CLASSES CANCELED <<<dear goodness I hope this works<< I'm off sick so hopefully they cancel school tomorrow so I don't have a crap tonne of homework to catch up on