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Leprechauns are part of the Irish faerie folklore. They are smart devious little cobblers who love to play pranks on their human counterparts. Musical, fond of dance, song and drink, they are said to hide pots of gold in the Irish countryside.

Vintage Irish Girl St Patricks Day Die Cut

Patricks Day Decoration, oh my goodness, we had this little lady cv or years and years!

Le grand livre des korrigans de Pascal Moguérou

Le grand livre des korrigans de Pascal Moguérou, Works for me.

St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth Props

It was a a tutorial: St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props - but I love that inexpensive background. Could be done with Blue posterboard and gold crepe for blue & gold banquet! Photo spot anyone?

Maeve  > Rainha celta de Tara, transformada em Deusa irlandesa da sabedoria da terra. Shakespeare a trouxe à vida como Mab, a Rainha das Fadas. Em uma versão mais moderna, os ecologistas a associaram a Gaia, o espírito da Terra. (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maeve)

Ériu, the patron goddess of Ireland. When humans first arrived in Ireland, three important sister goddesses all asked that the island be named after them. Ériu was given the honor, and therefore the ancient name of Ireland is Éire.

St. Patrick's Day-leprechaun

Final exams are coming up next week and I can use a little leprechaun luck! About the artwork: Big thanks to all who repli. A Little Leprechaun Luck