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10 Things High Achievers Do Differently

10 Things High Achievers Do Differently. Most of us wish we could get more out of our days, and our lives. We want to achieve more with our time, but we just don’t know how to do it. By studying people who are already high achievers, it’s possible to learn what you can do differently to get more done in your days and to accomplish more with your life. Here are some of the things high achievers do that you’ll want to implement in your life if you haven’t already.

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I haven’t found too many people that have inherent weaknesses of personality, or their way of being, that can fix them that easily. I spent a lot of time when I was younger “working on my weaknesses”. The problem was that I kept finding more problems with myself, and I kept on getting disappointed about just how many flaws I actually had/have. It finally occurred to me to stop trying to fix my weaknesses. Instead, I began focusing on my strengths and letting the weaknesses be where they ...

The One Phrase That Will Keep You Busting Your Ass for Your Dreams. I want to become healthier. I want to be happier. I will be a millionaire. I’m going to change the world. …But you haven’t yet because life got in the way. Sound familiar? Don’t be one of those people who have allowed circumstances to take over their passion. No matter what you feel your purpose in life is, there is one phrase that will keep you busting your ass for your dreams. #TheIndieChicks #motivation #dreams

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