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My brother makes neon signs. My wife & I wanted to get her Dad a birthday present he would like. I'd love to be able to drum up some business for him, so if you would like a custom neon, PM me!

Human Skull - neon

Skull and bones light light halloween halloween pictures halloween images halloween ideas skull and bones

The idea of an open mind is represented in this picture very creatively, it shows how thinking outside the box opens ones mind to a world of possibilities. Creativity is a huge concept in transcendentalism because these authors were coming from the Puritans who believed in strict rules and following what God says. Being creative opened a door into a whole new way of writing and expressing oneself.

Always keep your mind open, to ideas, things people. You shall never know hoe powerful being open is

LET THERE BE NEON! – Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signs and Service

Neon Signs Business Neon Signs Neon signs are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases