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FREE report! Detailed tips for the first few hours and days following an EMP or power grid failure.

The First 15 Things You Must Do Immediately After an EMP - Survival Mom

When the lights go out and an EMP has occurred, every second counts. Here are the first 15 things you must do immediately if you want to survive.


Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries! is sad.and damn dangerous!) Wake Up To Reality America and Stop Watching that Clock On The Wall Waiting To Strike 5 PM


The government needs governed again! In law I have seen the phrase "Govern thyself accordingly" what a concept. Who punishes.

This is my sentiment exactly.

That's how Texas works, and they have the lowest crime rate in America. Chigaco has the strictest gun control laws, and has the highest crime rate in America.

Thomas Jefferson - The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the constitution.

The greatest danger to American Freedom is a Government that ignores the Constitution. The Constitution was built on Christian morals.

Don't tread on me

You can't have my Country. You can't have my Guns, and I don't want your Handouts.

Senator Cruz - “If Americans really wanted Obamacare... you wouldn't need a law to make them buy it.

Senator Cruz - “If Americans really wanted Obamacare. you wouldn't need a law to make them buy it.How true

"ACA's been law 3 yrs stop trying to change it"... 2nd amendment's been law 222 yrs-stop trying to change that. Exemptions anyone? Cronies first.

The Constitution has been the law for 222 years.

Found on joe-catholic.com via Tumblr

Since God was removed from schools.I don't believe in coincidences. With God in schools kids were taught about morals, consequences, mercy and grace.


Facebook Wednesday … Plus!!

We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What's interesting, the first group worked for their money, the second didn't.

They will not post information about criminals arrested and in possession of an legal firearm either. They only post law abiding gun owners with permits....

The liberal media has betrayed the American people on the scale of treason. They should all be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the criminals in the White House.


There has been a lot of talk lately about "Stand your ground" laws, so let's be clear about this. I don't need permission to protect myself, defend my family, or stand my ground. Don't mess with my rights!