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Oakland Unified School District Serving More California-Grown Food by Rick Paulas

The Oakland Unified School District has now fully signed on to the Center for Good Food Purchasing's value-based procurement standards.

Renton CROP Hunger Walk 2012    LOCAL SPONSOR: REACH (Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches)    LOCAL GOAL: 300+ walkers raising $28,000+    DID YOU KNOW? In the past 28 years, the Renton CROP Hunger Walk has raised $487,000 and contributed over $121,750 to Renton food agencies.

CROP Hunger Walks are neighbors walking together to take a stand against hunger in our world.

The 2013 Farm Bill: What should farm subsidy programs look like...

The 2013 Farm Bill: What should farm subsidy programs look like.

There are few events that bring such diverse groups as farmers, professors, activists, CEOs and small business owners together into one room. But perhaps even more rare is to watch them (mostly) agree with one another.

Making Sense Of The 'Food Movement'

TEDxManhattan's 'Changing The Way We Eat' Conference Raises Question: What Is A Food Movement?

Should You Really Worry About GMOs

GMOs and Your Health

It's bad enough that GMO (genetically modified) food doesn't have to be labeled. But a new lab gimmick now lets Big Agra create GMO foods that totally escape meaningful inspection of any sort before they reach your dinner plate.

The Culprit in Heart Disease could be TMAO made from Choline.  As with lecithin in egg yolds, when carnitine in meat is digested, choline is released and can be acted on by intestinal bacteria and your liver to make TMAO

Study Points to New Culprit in Heart Disease

Red Meat, Heart Disease, and Bacteria - very interesting considering the role gut bacteria is increasingly believed to play in IBS, and healthy digestion overall.

Healthy Vegetables

Most people polled in a new survey said government programs to make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable sound like a great idea.

The mission of the Section of Nutrition Therapy is to meet the clinical nutrition needs of our clients. We are dedicated to being an active, collaborative partner in support of primary and specialized medical care. Our goal is to provide an essential and highly valued service to our internal and external customers.

Find out about Cleveland Clinic's medical Nutrition Therapy & how we dedicate to being an active partner in support of medical care from Cleveland Clinic.


reading-food-labels--Eight ingredients you never want to see on your nutrition label

Leafy Greens Even More Important Than Previously Imagined

Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution

Conveniently located near the dorms and at the end of the promenade, the Student Union offers an all-you-can-eat cafeteria with eight different stations offering a variety of food choices. The Grill 360 offers Mongolian Wok style items. There is also a dessert station, salad bar/deli bar, comfort style foods, pizza station and grill station. For those with special dietary needs, the Student Union offers a gluten-free bar along with a Vegan/Vegetarian station.

Explore quality on-campus dining options at Grand Canyon University. If you’re in the mood for American, Asian or pub food, we have lots of options.

Inaugural Burien Bites Celebrates Best in B-Town Eats

Update: May 2012 at PM - Burien Bites has released the official results of the mobile "Rate A Restaurant" app used by participants in Sunday's event.

Complete no-equipment 6-pack abs routine with a muscle map. Print & Use.

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