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Van Halen Custom Chopper - Runnin With The Devil - American IronHorse Chopper

Edward Van Halen-Van Halen...............

Eddie Van Halen in 1978

Eddie Van Halen's 1984 Fender 'Frankenstrat'.

"Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat Guitar - Front & Back !

Edward Van Halen Rig!

What we like about this: Block Colors, Clean Lines, just cool

Hot for Teacher Drum Intro by Alex Van Halen: Low Tom, Simmons Pad, Double Bass Drum Shuffle, High Tom Fill-Ins, and More.

Alex Van Halen - loved his kit on the Fair Warning tour!

Eddie Van Halen - The guitar he's holding, pretty sure, was made for him by a fan & is the one he wrote "Little Guitars" w/ - it ain't no damn Chiquita (or however u spell it;-)

Eddie Van Halen with miniature Les Paul

Eddie Van Halen & Brian May

Edward Van Halen & Brian May

literally one of my favorite pictures ever taken. back when the boys were young. Thanks for all the good times guys. @Dallas Roth with @Ele Anthony @EVanHalen and @AVanHalen

Van Halen in the Studio 1979

EVH Eddie Van Halen Striped Series Electric Guitar

EVH Eddie Van Halen Striped Series Electric Guitar replica of VH II guitar that Ed Van Halen buried with Dimebag.

David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen and Michael Anthony

Van Halen