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Beakful | Becquée: Mountainous by JD De Hart

Double arc-en-ciel sur Le Reposoir by Nestorrefacteur My friend told me the story of the Mountain.

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He had visions, accompanied by horrific noises – Lawrence Welk, polka bands, or perhaps animals being strangled, being st.

Beakful | Becquée: Always Friendly by JD DeHart

"Secret Hallway" (c) Kevin Dooley In these digital landscapes we trickle and tickle with words etched in glowing cursor Sounds meet.

Beakful | Becquée: Toss Up by Ridley Flock

It’s a toss up, my life in the air I fly above the swollen earth looking for a spot to land I am a restless space Traveler, uncertai.

Beakful | Becquée: Gutter Mystery by JD DeHart

(c) Kevin Dooley The absence of image from one panel to the next leaves it to me to fill the void – a second, a moment, an et.

Beakful | Becquée: Hostel by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Hostel by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Arthur Boka is an Ivorian professional footballer

a process of transfer by Mark Young

Beakful | Becquée: Ballad of Ukrainian Culture by Volodymyr Bilyk

Panda Half Fizz Something hard falls in the water' -subtitled "SPLASH"- (and "Ah-ha!"-afterthought from Flash ensues) (C.

Beakful | Becquée: Trope Hopper by JD DeHart

(c) by JD DeHart There is a wedding dress hanging in my future. Of course, there are worse endings to have.

Beakful | Becquée: The Narrow Path by Rachel Bownik

Rachel Bownik is an aspiring writer and filmmaker from Minnesota, USA.

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Body Talk by John Grey