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Gerard and Ray BPera

Happy birthday to one of my best friends Ray Toro - Gerard

lol truuueee

XD but my mom actually likes MCR lol<< can I have your mother? I promise I'll feed her

gerard way gif - Google Search

His smile has killed me it to much cuteness right now. Bullets era Gerard is underappriciated

Gerard Way, blond

HE looks good with blonde hair, and red hair, and brown hair, and black hair. Gerard way is just fabulous, he looks good no matter what. Gerard could dye his hair electric green at this point and he would look damn good

My Chemical Romance

Here we see the sass queen slaying  and then there's a wanna be, Beyoncé who is just embarrassing her self

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way is obviously the True Sass Queen

He never ages and currently looks like a blonde sixteen year old

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. Look at the school photo, so smooth. But he sill looks hot in them all<<< he was 13 in the school photo