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she's so smart- I do it every year and people still buy it. :) Thanks Lus!

My favorite quote ever :) "The secret to staying young." by Lucille Ball

Resultado de imagem para fotos de deolinda horta das dores

Lady Diana Spencer and the history of the British monarchy, Royal Palaces, Diana's patronage charity works.

Lambchop.....omg i loved lambchops! so sad to see it go :( such an awesome childhood memory!


Lamb Chop’s Play-Along This is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just because. This is the song that doesn't end.

23 Ways Miss Piggy Is The Reigning Queen Of Awesome


You Might Be a 90’s Kid If…

The REAL Polly pockets! When their houses use to fit in your pocket. now the damn doll barely does!

The girls have created an obsession with Full House. (And a slight crush on Uncle Jesse) Hahaha, thumbs up to them. :)

49 Pictures Of John Stamos Through The Years

Reasons why being a '90s Girl rocked ...love this

375 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

333 Reasons why being a Girl rocked! Fun to click through and reminisce! This totally made me smile, and sometimes laugh! So crazy how things have changed!

Loved Bop!

I loved buying Bop Magazines. I really treasured the few Colored pages that I could cut out and hang on my wall.

Amizade que inspiram

Boy Meets World. I can't wait for Girl Meets World to come on! I loved BMW!

Image result for M*A*S*H

Image result for M*A*S*H

When the joke was revealed, victims would be told the show's catchphrase, "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Allen Funt of Candid Camera.The network TV version celebrated its anniversary with an NBC special in Four years later, a series of occasional Candid Camera specials aired on CBS with Peter Funt joining his father as co-host.