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Happens everytime i see its already 3pm and Ive done nothing but get out of bed and pick up my kindle!! :/

Happens everytime i see its already and Ive done nothing but get out of bed and pick up a book

Lol got it from pic collage

That's me to my friends. Especially When the book is in HoO series. I hate people who read pjo but didn't have the decency to read the second series My friends trying to make me read divergent

This happens to me all the time.

Free and Funny News Ecard: Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will look at them shocked and whisper “you can see me?


this made me laugh ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ or basically any other book I've read when main characters die


Going to the grocery store just isn't a priority when the fate of a fictional character is hanging in the balance. Might be fun to have a meme contest for library slogans.

Hahaha fictional character crushes

This is really accurate. I have a funny feeling that's the chapter Darcy is introduced in Pride and Prejudice.

True...or if you're alone and it's assumed that you need some company...

Pet peeve: when someone assumes that when you are reading a book, that you are 'doing nothing' and therefore can be interrupted. So annoying

There is nothing better than getting  lost in a world of fiction. It may be my favorite thing.

The Magic of Books…notice that these are all tv shows or movies, I kinda find it ironic and funny