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Watson Beasley ~ Breakaway 1980 Disco Purrfection Version

This song came bouncing out the speakers one night early in I instantly fell in love with it!

"Like Led Zeppelin, Stevie embraced the synthesizer.  She heard Prince's "Little Red Corvette" & it got her humming along & she was inspired to write along to the melody. She contacted Prince & invited him to play the synth on her song & told him the story of how it came about. She now relates that it was like she was in a dream; he came in, did his parts & left. While uncredited, his name appears on the copyright with Stevie Nicks"

Soundklassiker Stevie Nicks on solo tour! Get this rockin- remix at Legitmix Like Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks embraced the synthesizer and artfully included…

WADDY ((WACHTEL)) "You're The One" Mono/Stereo 1973 Anthem. Produced by KEITH OLSEN (Music Machine, Millennium) & released on his label. LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM played on the session & still friends. Waddy moved TWICE NICELY to LA in 1968 & session work led to him joining the COWSILLS for their killer "On My Side"lp. He wrote on their lp & continued other session work. Barry & John Cowsill got back together w/BILL COWSILL+ WADDY they formed BRIDEY MURPHY & this 45 shortly after.. Listen on…

"You're The One" is the A Side of Waddy's 45 record released in Waddy Wachtel - Composer, Vocals, Guitar Jim Keltner - Drums Mark Tulin - Bass Stevie N.