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Ancient greek myth about love. This is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Ancient greek myth about love

According to Greek mythology humans were originally created with 4 arms 4 legs & a head with 2 faces, but Zeus thought they had too much power so he split them into 2 people and made their goal in life to find their other half- soul mates

The good guys…

The good guys…

My little piece of hope for humanity.----- Some are funny and some are pretty awesome The Pitbull one is my favorite!

Wow... Just priceless:

More Ways That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Just read every single one of these. See there are good people in this world. They wanted to make a difference and they have. Be one of those amazing people.

The tears wouldn't stop flowing. I literally lost it the moment I read the first one...

Funny pictures about Beautiful heartwarming stories. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful heartwarming stories. Also, Beautiful heartwarming stories.

It got me tears. I don't know what hurt more, seeing these pictures or knowing that people lived through them.


birth-of-a-chicken-egg-formation.  Gross!   I will never look at scrambled eggs the same way again.

Birth of a chicken

birth-of-a-chicken-egg-formation. Too gross for school chicken project?

This makes me sick that girls over there have to go through this like it's an everyday occurrence. I am so proud of this girl and her mother

Yeon-mi Park refuses to be silenced on the systemic human rights abuses in North Korea. Something more needs to be done, and North Korea is not the only place where this is happening.

I'm pro-life, but these comments are the exact reasons I have serious issues with the current pro-life movement.

What if God was one of us…

People automatically assume that if you're not pro-life, you're pro-abortion. I am pro-choice, that does not make me pro-abortion. Although I would personally never have an abortion, I believe a woman should have the right to choose.

Parenting Done Right By Louis CK Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Louis CK is hilarious, but these are actually good parenting lessons. I need this for my future kids!